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Launch your security guard career in New York with LPI Security Guard School. We offer state-approved 8-hour pre-assignment and 16-hour on-the-job training courses. Become a NYS licensed security guard in New York and safeguard people and property with our comprehensive security guard training program. We provide the state-approved courses you need to get licensed and start working in this exciting field.

Security guards play a vital role in maintaining safety and security in various settings, from commercial buildings and residential communities to retail stores and event venues. Our comprehensive training program will help you with the skills and knowledge to confidently step into this rewarding career path.

Get licensed & start working!

LPI Security guard school
LPI Security School

Steps to Obtain License

Step 1: 8-Hour Pre-Assignment

Attend the 8-hour pre-assignment security guard training class at LPI Security School. After completing the class, you will receive a proof of completion certificate. This is required for your application to the New York State Department of State for a Security Guard Registration Card.

To successfully complete this course: You must pass a 25-question examination.

If you need help filling out the application or completing any of the steps to obtain your security license, we will be happy to assist you during the class break, or after class. 

If you have previously taken this course and did not apply for your license, you do not need to retake it. Simply submit your existing certificate. If you have lost your certificate, contact the school where you attended the course to obtain a copy.

Price For the Course is $55.00

Step 2: Submit Your Application and Fees

The next steps are to get fingerprinted and complete the security guard application. Here are the steps and associated fees:

  • Application Fee: $36.00
  • Electronic Fingerprinting Fee: $102.25 plus service fee: $25.00

These fees are mandated by New York State and are separate from your security guard training course costs. 

  1. Visit Identogo; Click here to visit Identogo
  2. Select “Get Fingerprinted”: Click the “Get Fingerprinted” button.
  3. Choose “Digital Fingerprinting”: Select “Digital Fingerprinting” and then choose “New York State.” Click “Go.”
  4. Enter Service Code: Input the Service Code: 1545R1
Security Guard Application
  • Fill Out the Application: Complete the NYS Security Guard Application form. Click here for form.
  • Payment: Include a $36.00 non-refundable application fee, payable to the NYS Department of State.
  • Documents: Mail your application form, proof of course completion certificate, fingerprint receipt, and payment.
  • Mail Your Submission: Send all the documents to the NYS Department of State. Address is on Form.
  • Keep Records: Make copies of all paperwork for your personal records.

If you need help filling out the application or completing any of the steps to obtain your security license, we will be happy to assist you during the class break, or after class. 

Step 3: 16 Hour On-the-Job Training

Get in-depth, knowledge through this comprehensive course offered by LPI Security School, delivered over two days (16 total hours). This course is not required to obtain your security guard license. New York State mandates that you complete this course within 90 days of starting your security guard job.

You can take this course before securing a security guard position to show your preparedness to potential employers. It demonstrates your proactive approach and commitment to the field.

To successfully complete this course: You must pass a 25-question examination.

You only need to take the 16-hour course once. However, you are required to complete an 8-Hour Annual In-Service Training Course for Security Guards each year to maintain your certification while employed as a security guard. We currently don’t offer the annual in-service course, but it will be available in the near future. 

Price For the Course is $110.00

Package Deal for the 8-hour and 16-hour Course

Students who want to enroll in both the 8-hour and 16-hour courses can purchase a package that includes both for $125.00. After purchasing the package, you will have 60 days from the date of purchase to schedule the 8-hour course, followed by the 16-hour course. The package is available by clicking the “Schedule Now” button above, or click on the link below:

Click Here to Purchase Package

NYS Requirements to Become a Licensed Security Guard

To begin your career as a security guard in New York State, you must meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Age: You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Criminal Record: You must not have been convicted of any serious crimes.
  3. Background Check: You must pass a background check conducted by the New York State Department of Justice.
  4. Citizenship or Legal Work Status: You must be a U.S. citizen, hold a resident alien card (green card), or have a work authorization card.
  5. ID: Must have a valid NYS driver’s license/ID card or go to a NYS DMV with a special form to have your photo taken

Meet the requirements? The next step is to enroll in the mandatory 8-hour pre-assignment security guard training course. This course equips you with the foundational knowledge and skills to excel in this rewarding field.


Class Location:
LPI Security Group
436B Robinson Avenue
Newburgh, NY 12550

Call: (845) 241-3321

Start Your Security Guard Career Now!

We’re a new security guard training school dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized instruction. As we continue to grow, some classes may have only one or two students. Rest assured; we will not cancel any courses due to low enrollment.

Currently Available:

  • 8-Hour Pre-Assignment Training: This state-mandated course equips you with the foundational knowledge to become a security guard in New York.
  • 16-Hour On-the-Job Training: Deepen your security guard skills with this job-specific course.

Currently, we offer only in-person courses. However, we will soon introduce Zoom classes and the 8-Hour Annual In-Service Training Course.

Expanding Soon!

We’re actively developing new offerings to enhance your security guard training experience and coming soon for LPI Security:

  • Online Zoom Classes (coming soon): Learn from the comfort of your home with our upcoming virtual security guard training classes.
  • 8-Hour Annual In-Service Training (Coming Soon): Maintain your NYS security guard license with this convenient annual refresher course (available soon!).

While we can’t guarantee you a job as a licensed security guard, we are committed to equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in this field

Refund Policy

 Refund Policy: Students will receive a 100% refund prior to the start of instruction. If the course is divided between two days, the student will receive a 50% refund if requested before the start of the second day. If the course is divided into four sessions, the refund schedule shall be 75%, 50%, and 25%. A security guard training school cannot assess any non-refundable fees or deposits.

Process for obtaining tuition refund: Please contact the school directly at (845) 241-3321 for an immediate refund.


Complaint procedure: Please allow the school an opportunity to address your complaint, contact (845) 241-3321.

The student may also contact the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services at 518-457-2667