Treating Your Place as Our Own: Our Sucess is Intertwined with Yours.

LPI Security Group takes pride in offering highly trained, professional uniformed security guards dedicated to safeguarding your property and ensuring your safety. 

Unlike large national chains, you will have direct access and communication with the owner, ensuring a lasting and personalized relationship. Additionally, while larger companies often need to fill a high volume of vacancies, we take a more selective approach, hiring security officers who share our values. 

We build personal relationships with each Officer, treating them as part of our family. This naturally carries over to the exceptional service they provide to you. Our Officers believe that their role extends beyond mere security provision; they are dedicated to demonstrating respect and fostering a commendable reputation for our clients.

Whether it’s patrolling commercial properties, residential communities, or special events, our uniformed security guards deliver unparalleled protection and peace of mind, embodying the commitment to excellence that defines LPI Security Group.

Mobile Patrols

  • LPI Security Group provides mobile patrol services in select areas, offering comprehensive protection for your property around the clock.
  • Our patrols inspect various properties, including construction sites, storage facilities, businesses, residential complexes, and homes. Effectively deterring trespassers, homeless individuals, and squatters. 
  • The cost of security is shared with owners enrolled in our mobile patrol program. Each property inspection is only $30.00 per visit. Opting for one daily visit for 30 days totals $900.00 per month with no additional fees. You can add more frequent visits based on your needs. Short term is also available to check on your home while on vacation, or while it’s listed for sale.
  • We also offer additional security solutions, including Reolink cameras with independent cellular connections and battery power. LPI Security Group’s mobile patrol services offer a dynamic and proactive approach to safeguarding your assets.

Professional Security Guard Company. Tailored for Your Businesses.  

Efficiency through Technology: Our officers use a GPS tracking app. This app allows Officers to electronically write reports, allowing clients to see incidents in real time. It also verifies location via GPS, permitting sign-in solely when the officer is physically present on site.

Advanced Site Monitoring: We employ QR codes and NFC tags to create checkpoints at crucial site locations, like stairwells and back exits.

Comprehensive Officer Capabilities: Our officers are equipped to manage a variety of tasks efficiently. They can log visitors, monitor truck movements with trailer numbers, compose incident reports, upload photographs, and note maintenance issues.

Toll Free: (877) 317-2078 or
Text or Call: (845) 241-3321

George Astras’s legacy is one of dedication, courage, and unwavering commitment to the principles of justice and service. His 21 years with the NYPD and his ongoing work with LPI Security Group stand as a testament to his impact on the field of security and the enduring positive change he brings to his community and beyond.

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